Tea Time Out Reflections – 27/1/19

Know thyself

One may initially consider this from a religious text, although as I only discovered myself, from the mouth of Socrates. The week brought this one up on a number of occasions. After many years of musing over it, I finally, with a little bit of a push, booked myself into a Solo Singing confidence course, which began Tuesday evening. When asked my reason for attending, I stated, that I needed to find more confidence in my sound. The awareness of this has become a lot more noticeable, over the past number of years. When I was reflecting on it from a singing point of view. I refer to it as, wanting to sing with my own voice.

On Saturday morning, I held my first workshop in 2019 and the first in a while. I have been speaking/performing publicly since playing the Virgin Mary in the nativity play when I was around 7 years old. Nevertheless, there can always be a little bit of anxiety. Also, after such a big year of movement and such a long gap since my last facilitation, of course I’m allowed to overthink things. It all was going along smoothly, then a couple of people asked some normal questions. My self-doubt triggered something inside and there was that sound in my voice. That raspiness of uncertainty. It was absolutely fine and the workshop was just magical. Interesting to notice in myself though.

Later in the afternoon, we went to see one of my favourite films, the Matrix. Every time I watch it, I get some new gift from it. Neo meets with the Oracle and written above the door in the kitchen is Temet Nosce, Know Thyself. When we know ourselves and feel self-confident we are limitless. This journey is personal and unique for everyone. Knowing ourselves also means knowing our light and our dark. And for me, accessing our greatest potential begins with accepting ourselves. I accept I have fear of my own sound and I’m doing something about it.

One size does not fit all

In putting together some exercises for Personal Planning I came across a really lovely tool called the Wheel of Life/Life Wheel that allows you to grade your current status in a number of areas of your life. It’s a good tool that helps you understand where you are at and also were you to try to the wheel how balanced and smooth your journey may be. The goal is not so much about having high scores in all areas of our lives more so about having a smooth journey by keeping things more balanced. The image below links to my own version that you can download and use.

Wheel of Life Chart - Download

Whilst visiting the Physio with my mum last Wednesday, she admitted her feelings of depression to him, as the casualty of her lack of movement/diet. The physio explained, we are the only person who is able to motivate ourselves. Normally this comes through setting ourselves goals. After I got back to the office I started thinking about how maybe a Wheel of Life, maybe a good task for my mum. Were she to understand better where she is currently at, then she can set goals to create more balance in her life. As I looked at the Wheel I realised how a lot of it really did not relate to where she is in her life now. I went about redesigning it to fit more in with her needs. It was actually quite difficult.

It reminded me of our need for remembering diversity when dealing with the world. Just because something works for one person, does not necessarily mean it will work for another. Differences in age, gender, location, culture, religion, capabilities or only some of the varied ways that make us unique and may require different paradigms of reality. When we approach problems with fixed solutions, based on our perception, we sometimes miss the opportunity that lies in front of us. By recognising that one size does not fit all, we learn to look again and better understan the needs of the individual situation.

Trust in the process

I will always remember the morning that I was about to begin serving as Course Director on the Lucca Leadership Ireland residential Transformational Leadership course in Castlewellan. Getting some kind words of encouragement from Tim Munden on the phone. He mentioned something about trusting in the process and allowing the experience to naturally unfold. It sounded like magic, and as the day began, just as he said I stood back from interfering and trusted. Like water naturally finding its paths to make streams that create the river, the process rolled out with the least amount of my effort or energy in the most beautiful fluid way.

In creating Fuse13’s Vision Board workshop that took place on Saturday, that sentence appeared again. As I was researching and writing the short manual, I knew that the best way for the workshop to have an effect is where the attendees needed to step back a little and trust in the process. I used the wording:

Look at the image and see whether it invokes a positive response within you. Try to allow the images to pick you, rather than you picking them.

I knew what I was writing was correct although part of me was questioning, will people be okay with this. Trust in the process Sam, it’ll be fine.

As I was explaining this process on Saturday to the group, this point was raised, as mentioned above. It’s a rather strange thing to ask people to trust in the process. Or for some reason we think it is. I think even part of me had forgotten the power that comes from stepping out of the way of ourselves. Well, there I was nearing the end of the workshop, cutting out my final chosen images, from the trust in the process method. Fascinated. Truly astounded by the results that were appearing before me. It was really beautiful to see the affect this had on me and then hearing it from other attendees. When we listen to our instinct and try to allow it help us discover something about ourselves the results can be really quite interesting.

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