Tea Time Out Reflections – 13/1/19

Remembering the Magic

One of my favourite Me time treats, is heading to the cinema, at least once a week. And last Monday was a pretty special one at that. I headed off to see Mary Poppins Returns. I had no real expectations, and to be honest, my memory of the original is a little bit of a distant memory. How pleasantly surprised I was, as this masterpiece for both young and old, had me singing along, and feeling like a kid throughout.

Disney, has created a beautiful and simple story that portrays the importance of positivity and the outlook you have on life. And remembering the magic that is all around us, once we allow ourselves to believe. A magic that can so easily be forgotten or dissuaded as we become adults. I was quite overwhelmed, to be honest, were on a number of occasions, I had to hold back the tears. So perfectly timed is the release, where humanity is currently recognising the importance of wellbeing and mental health. Mary Poppins Returns has powerful lessons, for all ages, that we can learn from. It reminded me of how important belief is and how this is the true magic that we all have the power to use every day, even when things are grey. Allow yourself to be a child again and find a way of bringing back the magic into your life.

Small steps still move you forward

I feel a lot of people suffer from similar mindsets, where we easily focus on the negative. You may be working on a new project, learning a new skill or challenges yourself to, let’s say, a dry January.

This was my second week back and I had a business plan that I wanted to have completed by Friday. I absolutely loved the research, nevertheless got lost in it and lost too much time. By Thursday, there was the self-doubting voice, pulling me down. I decided to ignore the negativity. I accepted that the plan wasn’t going to be ready and got on with it. I knew the work I had being doing was all going to pay off and that the small steps still move you forward. It can be very easy to allow that inner doubt to take over and to give up. We learn from the stumbles and falls. Stay calm, stay positive and keeping moving.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

Keep connected… when possible

Last year, I made a concerted effort to practise keeping my phone in my pocket, when walking on the street. A simple exercise that I got great joy from as I realised all the things you get to see and interact with. Whether it’s catching the awoken eye of a passerby. Or the graffiti on a shutter. The golden late afternoon light sparkling off the surface of the River Liffey. There is so much we can connect with.

This week, I noticed my phone out. Actually, what I noticed was nearly walking into people or objects on a number of occasions. It’s weird because in some bizarre paradox, I think I am using my phone in some form of effort to connect. Checking Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram or whatever. Although, I never felt more disconnected. By Friday, it clicked as I bumped into someone, with my head down in my screen. Away it went. Within 5 minutes my energy was up and I felt connected. It was refreshing and far more enjoyable. I noticed myself smiling as I walked down along the quays. Such a simple task to keep connected… when possible, to the real world around us. Use those spare moments you have to connect with yourself, others, nature or perhaps use the time to realise what you are grateful for. Give it a go this week and leave your comments on how it felt, please.

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