Tea Time Out Reflections – 6/1/19

I might as well kick-off the New Year with how I hope to continue. Early Bird catching worms. My new Sunday reflections will have a quick look back at some of the insights that I got from the week.

Make your visions reality

Just over a week ago, after chatting with some friends, about how we’d like to spend New Year’s Eve doing something a little different than the usual City Centre pub’s, I thought I’d post my vision for NYE 2018 on Facebook, wondering might someone have an option. Three hours later it suddenly clicked. Do it yourself.

So 2 days later, after a bit of planning and getting a small group on board, there we were standing on the side of Blessington Lakes, a small fire burning, a beautiful group of souls, a few sparklers as we counted our way into 2019. It really was that simple. You have a vision. Make it happen. Or at least give it a good try.

It’s okay to be scared

I feel I sometimes put way too much pressure on myself, thinking I meant to know it all or at least, fake it until I make it. It’s fine to be unsure and anxious when you are starting something new. A little bit of fear can keep you alert.

As I begin to build the business plan for Fuse13, I can see my old patterns of being in control are beginning to loosen up. I trust deeply that this new path is the one. And, to coin the term, I’m going with the flow. It feels great to be stepping out into unchartered waters and learning as I go. Trusting that the answers and resources I need will appear when called upon. Feels wonderful starting a New Year with all the unseen possibilities and opportunities.

Opportunity knocks… open the door

One big change, I have noticed over the years of practising Mindfulness is the development of my Awareness. It’s really quite exciting now. The more you stay present the more you receive gifts. In all different shapes and sizes.

For the past month or so, there was constant tapping on the door about sea swims. Every other person seemed to be mentioning it to me. Law of Attraction and all that. So, I said to myself I’m ready and the next day was out on Bull Island with some of the beautiful heads from the Tara Building.

And then again, Friday morning, out off the Vico Road, Dalkey just before sunrise. What a magical and powerful way to start your day. Was stilling buzzing from it, 14 hours later. It was blooding freezing and a super way to start your day off before work.

What insights did you have for your first week of 2019? Love to hear them.

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